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MBTI for teams

The MBTI helps Management Committee members, volunteers who work together, students, as well as teams at work as part of personal and team development.

It guides effective communication, nurturing mutual comprehension.


Teams grasp collaborative dynamics, fostering productive teamwork.


The MBTI can aid conflict resolution, promoting mutual understanding.

Acknowledging contributions elevates morale and productivity. Integrating the MBTI promises enhanced collaboration and purpose.

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How does it work?

The group manager discusses with us the type of report the assessment will produce.  The types of physical or online material can also be discussed.

The group's emails provided so that an email invitation can be sent with the assessment.

The assessment has to be completed before the feedback session.

The feedback session is organised in the workplace or in a convenient location

and setting.

Contact us here.

Please visit The Myers-Briggs Company to find out more information to support your decision.

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