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Are you being coached or mentored? Then the MBTI is a perfect fit.

Learn how your personality preferences  can stop you taking the action you need to develop in the way you want.

It can also help with relationship issues, such as communication styles and conflict.

Schedule a Discovery Call  to find out how our MBTI assessment can help you or your clients. During our call, we'll discuss your needs and goals, and explain how our assessment can provide valuable insights and guidance. Whether you're already being coached or looking to offer coaching services, our MBTI assessment is a powerful tool that can help you achieve success. Contact us to schedule a one to one discussion to see if the MBTI is suitable for you.

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For an individual, the process involves:


1.A short telephone or Zoom discussion about the type of report you would like from the online assessment. We also discuss whether the assessment is suitable for your situation.


2 The online assessment. The link to this will be emailed to you when you decide to book a feedback session. The assessment is available in various languages. The result of the assessment will generate a 'reported type', which means a personality type that the assessment has reported, from the preferences you have selected in the assessment.


3 An in-person or online session which will take between one and two hours. During this session we can come to your 'best fit' personality type. This has a cost based on the printed or online material you would like to keep and a fixed cost for the feedback.

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